Tento Lighting LED T10 Tubular White LED Bulbs Medium Base E26 60 Watt 5000k Type T Appliance Bulb 10 Watts Edison T10 Clear Tubular Bulb 60w 75w Fridge Aquarium Microwave UL Listed Energy Star

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UL Listed Energy Star Approved T10 LED Tubular Light Bulbs that satisfying any high quality appliances such as household, commercial and industrial lighting use
Tento Lighting 10 Watts Tubular LED Bulb white color with 5000k color temperature generating a natural daylight white light color
Using only 10w of power but able to replace 60 watt and even 75 watt type T long tubular bulbs and help save up to 8 times on energy cost
Clear bulb cover that work very closely to incandescent tubular bulbs but with over 30,000 hours instead of 2,000 hours for old bulbs
Multi Purpose E26 E27 T10 Edison Appliance Bulbs for fridge light like subzero fridge bulb, aquarium and microwaves,curio display lighting etc


Tento Lighting T10 LED Tubular Light Bulbs Tube LED Bulbs the only legit UL listed and Energy Star listed Type T Long tubular tube-shaped LED Screw edison e26 base.
With only 10 Watts of LED Power, this Edison base Tubular LED Light bulbs are great for replacing 60-watts and 75-watts incandescent tubular bulbs including both t6 tubular 60 and t10 tubular 60. You save up to 8 times on energy cost and much longer lifespan..
- Power: 9.5 Watts .
- Input Voltage: ac 110v ac 120v .
- Certifications: UL Listed Energy Star
- Color Temperature: 5000k Natural Daylight White Color .
- Bulb Model: T10 tubular shaped .
- Base: Standard medium E26 E27 Edison Base .
- Replacing t6 t10 tubular incandescent bulb 60w or 75w - 60 watt fridge bulb.
- LED desk lamp bulb
- Cabinet light bulb
- Display light bulb
- Refrigerator light bulb
- Wall lamp
- 60w oven light.
- t10 aquarium light bulb.
- 40t10 bulbs.
- 60w microvewave light bulbs etc.
- Boston Harbor or other brands piano desk lamps.
- Pendant lamps.
- Subzero fridge bulb
- curio display lighting
- showcase display lighting refrigerator t10 aquarium bulb
- t10 e26 clear 60 watt fridge bulb fridge light

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