ProCIV Gold Roses, 24K Gold Foil Decoration Artificial Rose Flowers in Gift Box, Best Gift for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Wedding Day, Birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Home Decor

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Gold Roses are real roses dipped in 24K gold to preserve the roses for a lifetime. Rose represent love, and 24k gold rose stand for forever love.
Each rose is precisely hand crafted by skilled artisans, 24k gold rose take over 4 days handwork and 65 steps to make one piece. Made By the Highly Purified 24K 99.9% Gold. Unique long lasting luster. Brilliant and elegant. Without greeting cards and logo dust cloth is fake, ProCIV responsible for the quality of the Flowers, please distinguish it from another sales.
Love Will Never Fade in 24K Foil Artificial Gloden Flowers! Roses have always been a symbol of beauty, love and appreciation. This gold foil rose is a pleasant gifts for mom, for wife, for girlfriend. Besides, it is very suitable for home table decoration, office arrangement, party wedding decoration. One exquisite shows your delicate and romantic life style!
Gift Ideas: Woderful Gift for Valentine's Day, Presents for Birthday, Party, Wedding, Mother's Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Graduations, Teachers' Day, Anniversaries, Retirement, Funerals; Creative gifts for female eldership, lovers, children, friends, company staff and so on. Diameter: approx. 8.5cm / 3.3"; Height: approx. 26cm / 10".
Please Be Careful, there are some sellers posing as our brand in the sales of poor quality products, such as:"Jamoefd" "Watfee","Myrice" For customers to buy poor quality products from Watfee seller, this team is not responsible, careful to buy. ProCIV has a complaint to Amazon team, we will pursue in the end.


Gift Idea:
Honor your wife, mother, sister or girlfriend. Salute your lawyer, principal, teacher, hostess or graduate.
It is the perfect gift to express your love and gratitude. This meaningful rose with the Radiant finish will be treasured forever.
Also a very good idea for those who might be allergic to live roses since it's made from gold foil.
It expresses deepness of love like a rose but is allergy free. The entire rose including stem, petals and leaves is made from 24K gold to enhance the elegance.

What You Get:
- ProCIV Gold Foil Flower
- Special Designed Gift Package
- One Greeting Card