Uxcell a14101000ux0403 10 Piece 824J 400V 0.82uF Electronic Components Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor

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Product name: metallized polyester film capacitor; model: Cbb22
Rated Voltage: 400V; Capacitance: 0. 82uF
Capacitance Tolerance: +/-5 percent ; Lead Spacing: 15mm/0. 6 inch
Lead diameter: 0. 7mm/0. 03"; total size(exclude Lead): 17 x 13x 7mm/0. 67" x 0. 51" x 0. 28"(L*w*t)
Weight: 16G; package content: 10 x metallized polyester film capacitors


Applies to pulse circuits, widely used in a variety of electrical equipment, electrical and electronic filtering, blocking, bypass, coupling, and noise reduction and other occasions.