2-in-1 SMD Hot Air Rework Station & Soldering Iron w/ 11 Tips, 3 Nozzles LED Screen Professional 898D Yihua

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Brand markings Mark Ethan or Yihua on product Includes hot air gun and soldering iron - very fast heating process.
Suitable for manual mounting & reworking of SMD components; heating shrink, and much more!
Comes with 11- tips (interchangeable with hakko brand), 3 nozzles sponge, stand, wrench and pick.
Fit for soldering/desoldering SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, BGA &other temperature sensitive components
Large LED screens give accurate temperature read out of Hot air and Iron


Extremely low noise and space saving design

Comes with 3 Nozzles, extractor, wrench, 11 tips

Dual LED digital displays to show precision temperature for hot air and iron

SAMSUNG microcomputer control, quick warming-up very stable temp

PID technology to enhance temperature stability

Easy to adjust the airflow and temperature control with arrows on station

Automatically stop rotation when the temperature is less than 70 Degrees Celsius

Handle sensor- hot air gun automatically turns off when set back on rack and turns back on when picked up.

Automatic cooling function for effectively prolonging the heater's life and protecting the hot air gun.

Soldering iron w/ plastic stand: ESD design to protect sensitive components Voltage: 110V/ AC

CE approved

Essential product for cell phone repair, laptop repair, circuit boards, etc

Specifications: Hot Air Gun: Power: 640W Fan: Brushless ball Resistant: <2 Ohms airflow: 120l/ min (max.) Handpiece Size: <23mm - noise: 45db

temp stability: + -1 degree celsius -Temp. Control: 100 - 480 Degrees Celsius

Soldering Hot Iron: Power: 60W Iron: ESM design Resistant: <2 Ohms heater material: nichrome Temp. Stability: +/-2 Degree Celsius Temp. Control: 200 ~ 480 Degrees Celsius (392F - 900F) ; Soldering iron has plastic at top during shipping to protect tip - please remove before use.

1 Year warranty on soldering station itself

Please read the user manual before use.

30 day unconditional refund policy.