Tmat Waterproof UV Sterilizer Light for Fish Tank Aquarium,110V 6/10/15W LED Aquarium Light Green Killing Water Cleaner for Filter Tank Aquarium 10W

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Three kinds of size:6W 7.5" UV lamp is fit for 23.6" fish tank,10W 11" UV lamp is fit for 23.6"~47.3" fish tank,15W 14.6"UV lamp is fit for above 23.6" fish tank.Cable length: about 1.8m/70.8"
UV lamp with strong effect of sterilization,ultraviolet ray transmitting rate of more than 95% and t help to clean the water and kill the bacteria,green.Such as fish tank, aquarium,swimming pool,pond,etc
The light is not decorative.You can using the light with a filter or in sump Filter tank,if you do not have a filter that fits it,may be you can divide the fish tank two part with a opaque plastic board,use the light in the part which the fish can not reach.but please make sure the water can flow over the plastic board.if you do not have a opaque plastic that fits it,put the UV sterilizer in where fish don't like place
High quality filament for high performance and energy-saving.Adopt quartz glass tube,powerful suction cups for adjusting position freely.Safe water-proof design for totally submersible use
Promise to respond within 24 hours, 30-day money back or replacement warranty, and lifetime support guarantee


Note:Do not keep using the light for a long time,the fish will be badly influenced by ultraviolet when keep lighting the lamp,it's better to use this with timers.

Advanced optical technology.Lamp life of up to 10000 hours,for a variety of fish ponds,aquariums and other large aquarium

UV is a high-energy light,its wavelength is from 40nm-400nm,the destruction of harmful bacteria through ultraviolet radiation on the cell and other single-cell microbial irradiation,to destroy the life of the central structure of DNA


1. Sterilization

2. UV curing

3. disinfection


1. 6W:
(1) Product specification: F23 * 190 mm
(2) Cable length: about 1.8 m / 70.8"
(3) Gross weight: about 190g

2. 10W:
(1) Product specification: F23 * 280 mm
(2) Cable length: about 1.8 m / 70.8"
(3) Gross weight: about 280g

3. 15W:
(1) Product specification: F23 * 370 mm
(2) Cable length: about 1.8 m / 70.8"
(3) Gross weight: about 370g

Suitable for:

Fish tank, food and beverage industry, drinking water industry, bio-pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics industry, semiconductor / optical, electronic technology, sewage treatment and so on.